Nipple Orgasms: What They Are And How To Achieve One

fark_pt6xHEt4YLyjnjpiT_21O0Mqgy8Explore a new way to become closer with your partner through nipple orgasms! Although rare they do exist but, they don’t last as long as a traditional genital orgasm. Not all women can achieve a nipple orgasm, and it is not something that can always be repeated regularly which makes it rather special for those who can have one (despite that many view it as an activity that’s not a regular part of sex).

Women who are able to achieve a nipple orgasm claim they must be much more aroused than usual. Many have also claimed that mood and energy levels are also contributing factors. It has not yet been determined if women can train themselves to have a nipple orgasm but more and more are beginning to explore the possibility.

For women that would like to try it on their own, the best recommended time is pre-menstrual when many women claim its easier for them to obtain an orgasm; don’t try to force it to happen. Have your partner focus on your breasts and gently massage the area. Some women prefer firm pinching of the nipple, but it depends on the mood. A nipple orgasm does not last as long as a traditional one. It’s not as pronounced as a traditional orgasm either, and after it has been achieved the breast and genital areas will feel tender and sensitive for a short time.

To attempt a nipple orgasm, follow these simple steps and your partner will be more than pleased from the experience. Even if orgasm is not achieved your partner will love the extra attention and foreplay.

Start Slowly

Make nipple play a regular part of foreplay. Lightly run the palms of your hands over the nipple area, causing the nipple to pucker slightly. One the nipple becomes “aroused”, it’s time for a bit of squeeze play.

Squeeze Them

Every woman is different, and it’s best to keep that in mind when engaging in nipple play. Some women like their nipples played with gently, while others (usually those with larger breasts) prefer the play to be a bit more aggressive. Squeezing harder and even pulling slightly can arouse your partner, but be aware if you are causing pain.

Use Your Tongue

Lick the nipple is circular motions for a few minutes.

Suck Them

Your partner should then pucker their lips around the nipple and suck gently before increasing the suction level.

Intensify Everything

Just before the orgasm, intensify everything for your lover to reach maximum pleasure.

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