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I love dating escorts but more than anything I love dating London escorts? Why? London escorts are some of the most exotic escorts that you can hop to find outside central London.

It all started when I lived in Japan for a few years. Back then I was free and single, and I loved dating and being entertained by Geisha girls. Unfortunately I was not able to marry one of these stunning beauties, and I returned to my native London empty handed. A couple of years later I got married to an English rose and almost forgot all about my Geisha girls but one day I saw a stunning Japanese girl walking down London high street, and all the memories came flooding back to me.

Moving back to Japan with my now young family was totally out the question but I was able to find a London escorts agency which specialized in Japanese escorts. I was over joyed, London escorts in the shape of Geisha girls – I just could not believe it.

I do have a bit of a Geisha addiction which I have never told my wife about. It is just something so mesmerizing about Japanese Geisha girls, and I can’t believe that Japanese Geisha girls now date as London escorts. This goes to show how multi-cultural London has become in recent years.

Of course, I appreciate that there are many different types of addiction but my Geisha addiction comes from the entire experience of being with a Geisha. They can be so incredibly gentle, and at the same time they are very persuasive. Most of the Geisha girls that I met back in Japan very happy to look after you any way they could, and that meant a ritual Nuru massage and Japanese bath ritual.

There are a couple of London escorts from Japan who understand that Nuru massage and Japanese bath ritual, and I do try to meet with them.

I do feel guilty, my wife does not know anything about my Geisha habit or that I am dating escorts here in London. Just like all other married men who date escorts, I am worried that my wife will find out one day and my marriage will fail. I am not so sure if it is worth losing your marriage over Geishas or escorts, but my wife cannot satisfied this very fundamental need in me.
Being treated like the king of the castle is very much part of Japanese culture, and this is why I love dating Japanese girls. In modern Western culture I find that women try to rule and control so much, and I just enjoy slipping into my Japanese fantasy world. I fully understand that I should be giving up my Japanese addiction and passion for dating Geisha girls but I just can’t. Just like any other addiction, it is very difficult control but so far I have been able to keep it away from my wife.

If she ever finds out, I know that I will lose my marriage but at the moment I am happy with my exotic Geisha girls here in London.


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